Specialised knowledge

We help people in all stages of their business life. Whether it’s guiding a start-up to put the right procedures in place, or advising a growing retailer with a thriving customer base, we can handle it all.

But, while we can help almost everyone with their accounts, we also specialise in certain sectors which may require a more niche approach to their needs.

From agriculture through to construction, healthcare to engineering, we understand that each sector faces its own unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to finance. 

Whatever your needs, Cottons is here to help. With our wealth of knowledge, we can provide you with practical advice and support.

Find out more about the sectors we’re experienced in working with below. 


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We aim to support local farms and businesses by arranging all of their tax needs and finding ways for them to reduce their bill while maintaining a healthy profit.

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Construction & real estate

 From single-property landlords and property managers to estate agents and construction firms, we work with businesses of all types across these sectors.

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Engineering & automotive

We also have years of experience working with the various businesses that make up the automotive industry, from car manufacturers to motorsport professionals.

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Financial & insurance

We can work with you to keep you compliant with current regulations, and to meet your accounting and audit obligations. We’ll also give you advice on business planning, and work closely with you to develop an effective strategy.

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Health care

Our team’s experience working in the medical and healthcare sector has given us in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing GPs, dental practices, care homes, opticians and other healthcare professionals.

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As accountants for logistic companies, we have the expertise and know-how to put your organisation on the right path, whether you’re just starting out or need an expert to clean house.

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As accountants for manufacturing businesses, we aim to keep you compliant with all the tax and accounting rules that are relevant to your business.

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Media & entertainment

At Cottons, we work closely with media industry professionals and help them keep on top of their obligations to HMRC, so they can focus on what they do best.

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Not for profit

We’ll prepare your charity accounts according to the statement of recommended practice (SORP), ensuring that all your funds are properly accounted for.

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Professional services

We have worked with many firms that have transitioned from sole traders to LLPs and companies, so we know how to advise you on the changes to your taxes.

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We understand the needs of the legal profession, having worked with firms as they transition from the traditional sole trader or partnership models to the more protected LLP and company structures.

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Tech & IT

As tech and IT sector specialists, we can give you informed advice based on years of working with firms like yours – whether you’re launching a startup or building your career as an IT consultant.

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We know you’re brilliant at fixing things, but when it comes to the dreaded legal stuff, we leave the craft to you and you leave the legal, boring stuff to us.

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Whether you’re an online-only retailer or have several physical premises, our expert retail accountants are on hand to make things run as smoothly as possible.

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We would be delighted to work with you to help you navigate the minefield of utility accounting, from your annual accounts and tax obligations to regulatory work.

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