Funding and asset financing

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At some stage, most businesses need an injection of cash to keep their operations moving or to grow to the next level. But finding that extra funding can be a big challenge, from researching the right option to convincing a funding provider with credible financial reports.

We can work with you to make it happen, identifying the best route for you and putting together a detailed, accurate application for finance.

It might be that a traditional bank loan is best suited to your situation, or that you’re eligible for grant funding (in which case, we can also provide a grant audit as part of your application). If that’s not the case, we can also explore alternative options.

Asset financing is one method to consider – this allows you to finance the purchase of valuable equipment for your business, by using your assets as security against a loan.

Whatever option you choose, careful planning is key, and it’s important to understand the long-term implications of any funding or finance decision for your business.

We can talk it all through with you, answering any questions you have and giving you clear information on the funding process.

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