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Our audit service is designed to minimise disruption and apply the right amount of rigour. We’ll work with you to analyse problems, deconstruct processes, and ultimately come up with solutions that work for you.

Preparing yourself for an audit can feel stressful and time-consuming – but we work hard to make the process as seamless as possible. We’ve guided hundreds of clients through audits – both compulsory and voluntary – and put a close working relationship at the centre of everything we do.

Before we get started on an audit, we’ll take time to talk to you about your business, how you think it’s going, and any areas of concern so that we understand exactly where and how we can help.

Audits are compulsory for larger businesses, and many smaller firms will choose to undergo one in order to better understand their own financial situation. The green-tick of an audit can reassure lenders and investors, as well as give boards and internal stakeholders confidence that things are running as smoothly as possible. 

To find out more about how our team can help with an audit, contact us today.


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External audit

Our team has a keen eye for business finances and will help identify any pitfalls your company may be heading towards.

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Internal control review

Get the assurance you need about your systems and documentation to protect your business.

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Grants audits

Helping you secure and keep the funding for your next big project by making sure the figures line up, with a comprehensive grant audit report.

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SRA audit

We have a dedicated Solicitor’s Accounts Rules (SARs) team, assisting clients with their regulatory compliance including ‘SRA audits’ where required.

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