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Fully realising business goals and opportunities is the aim of every professional venture. Key to this is robust business planning, which should be an essential part of the process for every business owner.

Without a well-thought-out focused plan, you’ll find it a struggle to keep track of your business goals and could potentially jeopardise your chances of securing adequate funding from investors and lenders.

Cottons can help you piece together the perfect business plan to suit your needs.

We’ll work together to create a comprehensive plan, detailing things like your cashflow forecasting , and setting out a clear map to your business goals.

We’ll help with: 

  • Reviewing market opportunities and risks to help you to formulate your initial strategy
  • Producing a robust business plan in line with your vision
  • Undertaking performance reviews to improve the efficiency, attractiveness and profitability of your business
  • Determining the optimal strategy for growth (organic versus acquisitions)
  • Financial modelling and forecasting to facilitate raising finance
  • Succession and exit planning

Whether you’re looking to create a business plan in response to changing market conditions or a one-off event, or simply looking to future-proof your growth, our team is on hand to answer any questions: whichever stage of the life cycle your business is at.

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