Grants audits

Securing vital funding for your project

If you’ve received grant funding for a project your business is working on, you might need a grant audit.

This is a specific type of audit, separate from a standard audit, in which we’ll look at your project’s accounts and assess them against the terms and conditions of your funding contract, checking that your expenditure lines up with the funding body’s requirements.

We’ll then produce a report, following the particular format set out by the grant-awarding body or funder you’re applying to. As part of the audit, we can also review your project’s financial performance and cash management, highlighting any potential areas for improvement.

Grant audits are usually required if you’re getting funding from a Government agency or public body, such as Innovate UK, AHRC, SBRI and more, although other funders will sometimes require these checks too. The timing of grant audits vary depending on the funder: some ask for an audit at the time you make your claim, while others require it as part of your final report, or once you’ve hit an expenditure threshold.

At Cottons, we’re excited to help you secure and keep the funding for your next big project by making sure the figures line up. We’ll work closely with you throughout, keeping you in the loop about timelines and deadlines. And if you need support with the rest of your grant application, we’re here to help.

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