OakNorth Bank: enabling a secure business acquisition strategy

by | Jul 24, 2023

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Cottons, has demonstrated its commitment to creating a comfortable and secure process for business acquisitions. This is largely due to its recent strategic partnership with OakNorth Bank, the UK’s leading business and property bank.

With OakNorth Bank’s financial support and bespoke loan services, Cottons is fully equipped to execute a robust acquisition strategy. But beyond its financial capabilities, Cottons excels in creating a win-win scenario for both parties involved in an acquisition. This is where the company truly stands apart in the marketplace – choosing firms wisely and supporting the retirement dreams of the business owners.

Acquiring a business: a stress-free transition

For business owners considering selling, the primary concerns often revolve around legacy preservation and what comes next after the sale. Cottons addresses these concerns head-on by providing a comprehensive acquisition experience that ensures brand values are upheld, even after the sale.

From the outset, Cottons has shown a remarkable ability to manage and grow its acquired firms, preserving the client connections and the employee culture. This dedicated approach fosters a smooth transition, making it easier for owners to hand over the reins without worrying about their company’s future.

Ensuring financial security: a comfortable retirement

With OakNorth’s support, Cottons can swiftly and effectively negotiate the sale, ensuring a comfortable retirement for the selling owner. With this support in place, Cottons is able to properly plan a tailored retirement package and consider all aspects of the sale – the retirement fund plus any tax implications, the transition of the firm and its employees and provide a clear vision for where the company will be heading – empowering the owner to make an informed decision.

A Win-Win Proposition: securing our legacy and future

At Cottons, we understand the importance of both business growth and personal aspirations. Our approach creates a win-win scenario, providing an alternative to traditional acquisitions that benefits everyone involved. With access to funding, we invest in key areas like technology, training, and service offerings, boosting our competitiveness and ensuring accountability for smart investments across all operational areas. Rest assured, your legacy and future are in safe hands with us.

Cottons is more than just an accountancy firm; it is a partner in progress, ensuring a comfortable business acquisition experience. Whether it’s about preserving a firm’s legacy or securing a comfortable retirement for business owners, Cottons demonstrates an unwavering commitment to its mission, making it an ideal choice for business owners looking to sell their firms.


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